Who is Shay Allie?

Shay is an entrepreneur with a portfolio of multiple businesses, and the soul of a performer.

She is passionate about giving a voice to people who are not confident enough to use their own, and to that end has established a successful career as a barrister spanning over 20 years. She was a partner at Aly & Hulme Associates, now working as an independent through her legal website sheilaaly.com, specialising in discrimination work in the City..  Her work has been featured in the press many times. 

Alongside her legal career,  she works as a mediation trainer and has trained hundreds of mediators all over the world. She is often praised for her eloquence, sensitivity and unflappable nature.

Shay also has a long history with transformational work. She was well known on the London personal development circuit as the founder and host of Inspire’d Stage – a well respected event which had been described as one of the best speakers nights in London and has been running in various worldwide cities for 7 years pre-covid. 

Shay has previously featured in Psychologies and The Sunday Times in relation to her work in the transformational field and is a member of The Network for Transformational Leaders.

Outside of her legal and personal development work, Shay is also a jazz/soul singer-songwriter and improv comedienne.