Shay has always had a passion for the arts and music, and continues to pursue music to a high level. She has performed as a vocalist at a number of gigs, weddings, festivals and other events and her love of words has led to her writing a number of songs, primarily as a lyricist.

She is part of a jazz/funk/soul band who have performed at many well received shows in London & Tunbridge Wells.

Her first performance of her self-penned work, was very positively received, and included the following review in Cabaret Scenes:

“Following a short interval, it was the turn of barrister and entrepreneur Shay Allie to take the stage. Joined by her songwriting collaborator Martin Savale on guitar, Allie’s bossa- and jazz-flavored ballads evoked bittersweet remembrance for lovelorn beaches and faded loves lost. Her lyrics, laced with the wisdom of genuine heartbreak, are at once rending and identifiable, and held us rapt. Overflowing with themes of yearning and self-discovery, her soft delivery bears a kinship to the gentle heartfelt vocals of Rumer, Amy Winehouse, and their own antecedent, Karen Carpenter. Clothed in white linen, the singer-songwriter commands an impressive figure, unafraid of her own vulnerability and with the courage to delve honestly and without bitterness into the painful recesses of her heart, digging amid the rubble to once in a while produce and hold up for examination the odd occasional jewel. I found myself very much looking forward to hearing more of this emerging songwriter’s growing catalogue.”